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Vehicle Donation

We offer free pickup of old vehicles in Manitoba and Ontario,
with an income tax receipt provided on assessed value.

Funds raised through our vehicle donation program help cover the operating costs at your local centre. Boats, campers, motorcycles and sleds are also accepted. Call 1-800-632-6095.  

or call

For donations in BC, visit www.teenchallengebc.com or call 1-888-575-3930.
For donations in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Southern Ontario, visit www.teenchallenge.ca or call 1-877-684-4777.

The vehicles received by Teen Challenge are assessed at our shop and processed in a variety of ways, including:

  • AUCTION or SELL PRIVATELY:  Our graduates and clients do minor mechanical and detailing work on the vehicle to prepare it to be sold at auction.
  • RECYCLER:  Our graduates and clients strip the vehicle of valuable parts and the bulk weight is sold to a local recycler.
  • FLEET:  Occasionally we are able to register a donated vehicle and use it at the Teen Challenge centre for client appointments, food donation pickups and various daily errands.

Your vehicle benefits the Teen Challenge charity in a twofold way - by the valuable vocational experience the clients gain at the shop, and with the proceeds raised from the processed vehicles going back into our recovery and awareness programs.

  • The vehicle is picked up by our driver at no charge to you.
  • You receive a tax-deductible charitable donation receipt for your vehicle. 
  • You have the satisfaction of knowing that your donation truly helps give someone who was once controlled by drugs and alcohol a chance at a new life, free from addiction.

Currently our minimum receipt value is $500 in Brandon and area, $500 in Winnipeg and area, and $440 in NW Ontario. This is just the starting point and receipts are often higher as a reflection of variables such as price of steel, processing revenues, etc. Please call the office for more information.


Yes, Teen Challenge will send a tow-truck to pick up your vehicle, free of charge.  If the vehicle is running, we can send our driver team with a dealer plate to drive it back. Out of town vehicle pickups will be determined on a case by case basis.


No, we are not able to pick up a vehicle that needs to be towed. If your vehicle is safe to drive (does not have to be insured), our driver team is able to pick it up.

Yes! Please see our drop-off locations below and call ahead to make sure someone is available to receive your vehicle:

  • Winnipeg - 260 Jean Marc Avenue, click for map
  • Thunder Bay - 415 May Street North

Great!  One of our friendly staff members will be pleased to answer any other questions:

  • Phone  1-800-632-6095 in Manitoba
  • Phone  807-345-CARS in Thunder Bay
  • Email   [email protected]

Thank You
for your Support!