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Long-Term Men’s Program, Thunder Bay, ON

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Thunder Bay is known as a dynamic city surrounded by rugged wilderness. It’s also known for soaring overdose deaths and addiction, equating to 152 people dying in the northwestern Ontario region in 2021. That’s about two people dying every five days. Adult & Teen Challenge of Central Canada’s Long-Term Men’s Program for men in Thunder Bay can lend a hand to those in need of addiction treatment from drugs, alcohol and other addictive elements. 

Nestled away from downtown, addiction treatment in Thunder Bay is situated in a residential neighborhood in the South core. Our 3-story character home holds 10 beds for clients and 4 beds for men in our SURGE leaders’ training or successful living program.

Adult & Teen Challenge strives to maintain a homely atmosphere, encouraging growth, compassion and grace. Since addiction treatment is reflective of the mind, body and soul, our Thunder Bay location has amenities (small basement gym, second-story deck, Canada Games Complex, Push Fitness Sundays, etc.) to promote studies, physical activity and mental alignment. 

Recovery starts today at our Thunder Bay Long-term Program for men! Call us now to schedule a consultation and maybe visit to see if the program is right for you…

Long-Term Program Goals at Thunder Bay

Everyone can reach their potential through care, compassion, and mentoring. Finding long-term healing from trauma and addiction can be challenging, but the long-term program at Thunder Bay empowers and provides invaluable guidance and support. Our mentoring team collaborates with you with biblical study and personal growth plans.

Our program focuses on providing mentoring, biblical study and personal growth plans to create long-term well-being. We offer an environment where individuals are encouraged to develop positive habits by setting goals and receiving correction when needed; most importantly, we develop healthy coping mechanisms to break free of cyclical addictions.

We also teach how to live a productive and stable life by structuring daily routines and providing work experience for when back in the community. Working as a team, we also sharpen the tools needed to build and strengthen personal relationships affected by addiction. 

In all, our long-term program in Thunder Bay looks towards the future, helping find plans tailored for success after graduation.

SURGE & Workplace Certifications

SURGE is an opportunity for graduates to continue learning and advancing future clients of Thunder Bay by joining the Adult & Teen Challenge of Central Canada team. SURGE is an intensive 18 months leadership training program with many avenues for growth to find placement within the ministry.

Earning Workplace Certification during and post-addiction treatment has many benefits, but standing out from the crowd is #1! Yes, trust and credibility are built, as well as earnings and accountability, but the teachings of our long-term program tied with certifications in many industrious fields (I.E., food handling and mechanic skills) will set you up for success!

What Makes the Thunder Bay Centre Different from Others?

Our staff walks alongside the men within the long-term program as they break free from old patterns of thinking and relating and are willing to delve into tough topics such as complex trauma, anger, family relationships and addiction.  

In Personal Studies for New Life in Christ (PSNL), we offer personal learning plans for each student that cover the areas of salvation, self-image, spiritual growth, family, work, responsibility and a chance to reconnect with Christ.  

Men within the Thunder Bay Centre also participate in our Group Studies for New Life in Christ (GSNL) which touches on topics like anger and personal rights, personal relationships with others, and how to deal with personal offense.

Are You Ready?

If you are a man in the Province of Ontario ready to make a change in your life for you, your family and your connection to God, then Adult and Teen Challenge’s Long-Term Program for Men in Thunder Bay is the perfect fit! 

Taking the first steps to recovery is always the hardest, but with the support of our team, women that have walked in your shoes and our faith-based driven teachings, addiction will finally be a thing of the past.  Contact us today or submit an admissions form online.

Thunder Bay Men's Long-Term Program Team


Kevin Chambers

Pastoral Mentor / Building Maintenance Supervisor

Thunder Bay Community Office & Development Team


Ralph Grimshire

Vocational Shop Manager
Tyler Derksen program staff

Tyler Derksen

Development Coordinator
Dawn Berry

Dawn Berry

Alumni & Community Coordinator

Cory Rettaler

Development Director Northwestern Ontario

Julie Rettaler

Prevention Education Manager

Location Details

401 Syndicate Ave South
PO Box 10443
Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 6T8


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Adults in a group meeting.

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