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Ready Now Recovery is participant-centered.

There is not a determined length of time for this program. You determine the groups that you need for healthy recovery. We give you resources to create an action plan and set goals concerning your relationships, education, employment, and spiritual growth. We also recommend and provide resources for you to build a team that helps you through the process of your recovery.

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Our Values

Male adults are reading the Holy bible by pointing to the character and to share the gospel to youth. The cross symbol, The books of the Bible, Concepts of Christianity.


How long will it take? What if I fail? When will I be free? All of these questions are a part of the transformation process. Through a Biblical Perspective, a loving community, and relevant resources, our groups will guide you through that process of transformation.


Affordability, location, relevance, safety, and resources are essential to recovery.  We are committed to providing a diverse curriculum for affordability and relevance. We offer in-person and virtual groups to provide safer locations. We have resources for referral to professional care and residential programs.


Recovery is more than an individual journey. It takes a community — and it makes a community. It isn’t always easy, but we can always do it together. We are committed to training community leaders to establish in-person and virtual groups.


We all know there are individuals who are not ready, so what can we do to help them in the process of becoming ready? Partnering with other non-profits weekly to serve, love, encourage, educate, and build relationships, fosters an organic invitation to attend groups.