Teen Challenge Central Canada
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About Adult & Teen Challenge of Central Canada

Adult & Teen Challenge offers Christ-centred addictions support.  

Adult & Teen Challenge operates a holistic model of recovery. This means that we are concerned with the body, mind, and spirit of those who attend our programs. Offering a variety of programming and support for family and friends we are expanding our reach to fulfill our Mission.

Our Mission

To provide communities, families and individuals freedom from the impact of life-controlling addictions.

Our Vision

To put hope within reach of every community by providing freedom from life controlling issues through the power of Jesus Christ.

Core Values

We treat people like Jesus did, with eyes of grace while speaking the truth.

Everything between the long-distance vision to the day-to-day tasks, our ministry is worth our very best effort.

The men, women, and teens in our care are treasured by our Saviour, and we are honoured to serve them.

We live to become more like Jesus and invite as many people to come with us.

What Makes Us Different?

Transformation – Not Treatment

The biggest difference between Adult & Teen Challenge and a traditional recovery center is our focus on Christ. Our programs depend on the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s word to provide our clients with a guiding light. Treatment is important, but transformation is key.

Discipleship & Evangelism

Through our Bible-based curriculum, clients learn how to apply God’s Word to their lives. They also learn to recognize the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives, invite God to help them overcome their life-controlling problems, and become more like Christ.

Long-Term Program

Our programs are 12 months long. This timeframe provides ample opportunity for adults to confront their destructive choices, their self-sabotaging behavior, and their unhealthy views. It then gives them a safe place to establish a new “normal”— assured of the love of God and under the guidance of Biblical principles.


Adult & Teen Challenge is a faith based discipleship program aimed at helping people who are struggling with addiction. It was founded in 1958 by the late Rev. David Wilkerson (author of The Cross & The Switchblade). There are now programs operating in over 125 countries, including those in Central Canada: Brandon, Winnipeg, Denare Beach & Thunder Bay.

Long-Term Program

Live-in Discipleship Program

The Long-Term Discipleship Program provides a structured environment that includes individual & group mentoring, counselling, spiritual disciplines, life-skills training, employable skills certification and on-the-job training. Structured and intense, this in-house discipleship program takes about 12-months to complete as we seek to break the stronghold of addiction and help men and women develop excellence and find freedom.

Ready Now Recovery

Community Small Group Support Program

Ready Now Recovery is participant-centered. There is not a determined length of time for this program. You determine the groups that you need for healthy recovery. We give you resources to create an action plan and set goals concerning your relationships, education, employment, and spiritual growth. We also recommend and provide resources for you to build a team that helps you through the process of your recovery.

Family Support Groups

Our family support programs are often the first step in your loved one receiving help. People benefit immensely by getting help themselves, as they generally don’t have training on how to help their loved one who’s struggling with addiction. These weekly small group studies provide important training on topics such as boundaries, codependency, enabling, and healthy communication.

Drug Awareness

It is honouring for us to share the stories of lives being set free from addiction in our communities.

We offer a number of customizable presentations, including: Church presentations (music, testimonies, ministry update, sermon), Speaking events (breakfast, dinners, picnics, meetings), and Youth or school drug awareness (can be specialized for your school needs).

Workplace Certification

The Workplace Certification Program is available to anyone needing help gaining valuable workplace certifications. The provincially recognized courses prepare you for employment by providing hands-on training and experience.

Pastoral & Clinical Counselling

Getting help for addiction isn’t easy. It takes courage, determination and a willingness to admit you can’t do it alone. We now offer one on one support with our our Pastoral or Clinical counsellors.

Your Giving Counts

 89% of your donation goes directly to our programming. 63% of our funds are generated from self-sustaining projects, Super Thrift stores, vehicle donations and special events. Private donations and church support bridge the gap and help us deliver quality awareness and recovery programs. We do not receive government money for operating costs.

Monthly Partnership Program | Be part of a story

We count on regular monthly support from a variety of donors to operate. We encourage a minimum monthly donation of $30. Monthly partners receive a quarterly postcard featuring a story from a client currently in recovery, along with a magnetic frame for their fridge and the opportunity to correspond with that individual. It is a great way to be part of someone’s story.