Teen Challenge Central Canada
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SURGE History

“Our time here at Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada has been a very exciting and rewarding time.  This chapter of our lives comes to a close on Dec 31st of this year, but the work Teen Challenge will always be close to our hearts.” Pastor Bruce Ford said as he shared his decision to resign as SURGE Director. Talking about how he came to be involved with the ministry of Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada Pastor Bruce said, “In June of 2011 I returned from a sabbatical in Egypt.  Upon our return I was prayerfully considering where I would minister next.  Through a meeting with Ian Croatto I ended up having coffee with Bro. Steve and as they say, the rest is history.” Pastor Bruce started his ministry at Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada on August 15th, 2011, as the Training Phase Manager.  Discussing the highlights of his six years with the students in Training Phase as well as covering the Saturday morning shift Pastor Bruce says, “Saturday morning devotions was of the highlights of my week.  I had most of the students convinced that every story in the Bible was about Teen Challenge students.  One of the many highlights of Training Phase was our prayer drives.  Every six months at the completion of the Spiritual Warfare class we would drive to various places and get out and pray.  Some of the places we went included the Remand Centre, Court House, the Red Road Lodge, Legislature building and others.” Pastor Bruce’s wife, Ellen, joined the ministry of Adult and Teen Challenge in Aug, 2014 as a receptionist.  That fall she began overseeing and teaching the Emerging Leaders Program, which was the leadership training program being used at ATC at the time.  Early in 2015 she began teaching the Resource Class, which was to assist students who struggled with the academics necessary to complete the ATC curriculum.  “It was a joy and privilege to see students gain skills and confidence in completing their ATC studies.  The small group environment gave me an opportunity to encourage and minister to these students.” Ellen says. Pastor Bruce continues, “Very early on in my time here God told me I was to train 50, yes 50 students to do my job as good or better than myself. During my time in Training Phase I was mentoring one or two at a time who might fit into that category.  It dawned on me one day that at this rate I would have to live to 100 plus to get to that number.  This is how I realized that God was leading me into full time leadership training ministry.” Early in 2017 Bro. Steve Paulson approached Pastor Bruce and Ellen about starting a new leadership training program for all of the Central Canada ministry.  After some preliminary visioning SURGE was launched in July, 2017.  Pastor Bruce became the SURGE Director and Sister Ellen the SURGE Facilitator, teaching classes and do the administration of the program. The SURGE program met a need right from the start, with students from all centres in the Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada ministry as well as from BC Adult and Teen Challenge centres applying.  With mentorship from Karissa Corpenny, the SURGE expectations, course, and Summits have been shaped and developed.  The Ford’s have been thrilled to see the growth in the lives of their SURGE students, many of whom now minister at Adult and Teen Challenge centres.  Pastor Bruce and Ellen look forward to seeing where God will lead this exciting ministry in the future. Pastor Bruce concluded, “It has been awesome working with Lenise Krebs these last few months.  She brings the set necessary to lead SURGE, but it is her heart for God and our SURGE students that make it exciting to pass the leadership of SURGE to her.” Pastor Bruce and Ellen wish to thank you all for your love and support over the years and pray God’s richest blessing on Adult and Teen Challenge and the SURGE ministry.