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I had a great childhood, but there was a lot of yelling. After my parents’ divorce, I stopped going to church and went out often to drink with my friends. Eventually I could not play football anymore as I was drinking instead of getting rehab for my leg. After a DUI I smartened up a little and for years did not drink during the week. I realized my life was going nowhere and quit drinking but started isolating myself. At my lowest point I thought about ending it all, and if not for the love of my family I would not be here. I moved in with my brother and that helped for a while but then slipped back into depression, feeling worthless and hopeless.

I entered Adult & Teen Challenge thinking I would be here for a short while to learn some skills but God had a different plan. After a month I accepted Christ into my life and He has given me hope and a different perspective, helping me through discouraging situations. I have relationships back, especially building trust with my mom, and I am trying to be a positive influence in my family. Thanks for praying.