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Long-Term Program, Steinbach, MB

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The Long-term addiction treatment program offered at our Steinbach recovery center provides a structured environment to overcome many of life’s challenges. Some of the things covered in this addiction treatment program includes individual & group mentoring, counselling, spiritual discipleship, biblical teachings, life-skills training, employable skills certification and on-the-job training experience.

Adult & Teen Challenge of Central Canada believes that a structured and intense Long-term program to overcome addictions to drugs, alcohol, pornography and gambling is foundational for lasting recovery. This in-house discipleship program takes about 12 months to complete as we seek to break the stronghold of addiction and help men develop excellence and find freedom.

A bit about the Steinbach Recovery Center…

This program is located in a suburban area in Steinbach, MB. We have considerable greenspace with a treed lot and are close to walking paths and fields. Built-in 2012, our 2-story building has a modern feel with double occupancy rooms, each with its own Heat/A/C unit for a comfortable environment all year round.

The Steinbach Recovery Center has a spacious 30-bed total capacity, 10 of which are for support staff and after care offering ensuites. We have a three-bedroom house attached to the building with access to both floors through our electronic security doors. This house can be used for support Staff or graduates and family.

The Steinbach Recovery Center also has two classrooms, a workout area, a multipurpose office for family visits, a large patio for outdoor dining in the summer and two large common areas for dining and recreation. The center also has a seasonal garden and basketball courts.

Program Goals at the Steinbach Recovery Center

First and foremost, our number one goal is to help people find freedom from addiction. The long-term program is designed in phases, so each and every client can achieve success at their own pace.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is integral for long-term rehabilitation from substance abuse because family is critical in recovery. We want an addicted person’s network to realize that it is not just the individual suffering when wrestling with addictions but also family and friends. We also desire to put hope within reach of families affected by life-controlling issues. We will offer tools and tactics to help families regain trust, love and confidence in their loved ones, so once the program is complete and a new chapter begins – you will be ready!

This is why our goal is to bring hope to the larger community of Steinbach, MB.

Incorporating Faith-Based Principles

We believe that the Power of Jesus Christ makes the greatest difference in anyone’s life! We are a Christian ministry, so we aim to teach people about Jesus, learn who He is and who they are in relationship to Him, and help them discover true and lasting freedom!

What makes the Steinbach Recovery Center Different?

Adult & Teen Challenge goes above and beyond to address addiction with our world-class treatment programs. Individual & group mentoring offers a relaxing and comforting setting where a community approach is taken, so the individual can learn how to overcome their substance abuse. We also offer abundant counselling, spiritual discipleship, life-skills training, employable skills certification and on-the-job training experience.

Personal Studies for New Life in Christ (PSNL)

In Personal Studies for New Life in Christ (PSNL), we offer Individualized learning plans for each person, these may contain and may contain: salvation, complex trauma, forgiveness, finances, self-image, spiritual growth, family, work, responsibility and a chance to reconnect with Christ, and much more…

Group Studies for New Life in Christ (GSNL)

Clientsof the long-term program also partake in Group Studies for New Life in Christ (GSNL) which touches on topics like anger and personal rights, personal relationships with others, and how to deal with personal offense.

Outpatient Program – Ready Now Recovery

The Ready Now Recovery program includes four core values: Transformation, Accessibility, Community & Outreach. Ready Now Recovery is participant-centered. There is not a determined length of time for this program. You determine the groups that you need for healthy recovery. We give you resources to create an action plan and set goals concerning your relationships, education, employment, and spiritual growth.

Workplace Certification

The Workplace Certification Program is available to anyone needing help gaining valuable workplace certifications. The provincially recognized courses prepare you for employment by providing hands-on training and experience.

Each course results in a criteria-based certificate of completion. The courses offered include Forklift/Skid-Steer Operator, Culinary Skills Certificate(Food Handlers), First Aid and CPR Training, Tire Technician and Shop Skills Certificate, WHMIS, Retail/Warehousing Skills, Household Skills, Safety, Fall Safe and Basic Construction Skills.

Community Re-Entry

The end of the program is just the beginning of a lifelong journey. Laying the foundation for a strong support system through peers, groups, and other healthy communities with shared interests is essential to thriving and growing throughout your journey.

Our comprehensive team of counsellors, addiction experts, phase managers and mentors forms a fully equipped support bubble around you. We provide the resources, guidance and structure necessary to get back into work or school. Once you’re back in employment or education, we offer continued assistance and opportunities to stay connected with healthy connections & relationships so you can work through issues that may have interfered with your ability to succeed previously.

Are you ready?

If you or a loved one in the Province of Manitoba are ready to make a change in your life for you, your family and your connection to God, then Adult & Teen Challenge’s Steinbach Recovery Center is the perfect fit!

Taking the first steps to recovery is always the hardest, but with the support of our team, others that have walked in your shoes, specialist curriculum and our faith-based foundation, addiction will finally be a thing of the past. Contact us today or submit an admissions form online.

Steinbach Long-Term Men's Program Team

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Program Director

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Phase Manager

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Phase Manager

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Duty Staff
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Duty Staff
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