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Be Part of a Story Radiothon on CHVN

🌟 Join us in our 2023 "Be Part of a Story Radiothon" 🎙️

Live on 95.1FM

Freedom From Addiction Starts Here
Dec 5-7, 2023

Are you ready to tune into hope? To turn up the volume on stories of triumph and transformation? Adult & Teen Challenge invites you to be an integral part of our mission to bring hope to every community, with the “Be Part of a Story Radiothon,” broadcasting live on CHVN 95.1 FM, this December 5th through 7th.

OF OUR $250,000 GOAL

Total Donations 187


Donation Line: 204-949-9484

Harmonies of Healing

This isn't just a moment on your radio; it's a movement in our community. As you navigate through your daily rhythms, allow us to be the soundtrack that brings you powerful, real-life stories of families being restored and lives being reclaimed from the grips of addiction through the power of Jesus Christ.

Tales of Triumph

Our airwaves will be filled with anecdotes that are as much about the struggle as they are about the overwhelming joy of victory through faith. Every testimony is a testament to the strength found in the power of Jesus Christ, the ultimate conductor of our collective story of redemption.

Be the Echo of Change

We're not just sharing stories; we're inviting you to become part of them. By tuning in, and making a donation you become a beacon of support, an amplifier of courage, and a broadcaster of freedom. Your listening ear has the power to echo through the lives of those seeking the strength to change.

Tune In to Transform

So, mark your calendars. Clear your schedule. And prepare your heart for a journey that transcends the radio waves. Be part of our vision: to put Hope Within Reach of every individual who’s walking through the shadow of addiction, toward the light of new beginnings.

Together, let’s fill the air with echoes of freedom and chords of change. The “Be Part of a Story Radiothon” isn’t just an event; it’s a crescendo in the symphony of lives reclaimed, and your presence is the note that makes all the difference.

📅 Save the Date:

🔹 When: December 5-7, 2023

🔹 Where: CHVN 95.1 FM and live on location 1016 St James St. our Superthrift

🔹 Why: Because every story you’ll hear is a life touched by grace—and every listener is a potential lifeline.

Be There. Be Inspired. Be Part of a Story.