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I grew up on a farm in a loving Christian family. At age 12 I was shot in the head in a hunting accident, leaving me briefly paralyzed on one side. The next few years were spent relearning everything and I struggled with anger, depression and anxiety. I had a hard time making friends and after leaving home I started partying, trying to find acceptance. My “friends” introduced me to marijuana, saying it would help me cope. It seemed to work, but soon it was not enough and I tried harder drugs. I spiraled out of control, growing even further away from my family.

My dad invited me to a men’s conference where I realized how tired I was of my current life. That night I asked God to help me change my life. However, soon I got into serious trouble.  I reached out to my parents, who introduced me to Adult & Teen Challenge.

I have learned God loves me and I can ALWAYS depend on Him for comfort and to keep me standing through tough times. He has pulled me from my addiction, restored relationships and as I walk in faith, I look forward to the blessings He has for me.