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Many mothers struggling with addiction are forced to be separated from their children

Your compassionate gifts can help families reunite this spring

For many mothers struggling with addiction, they’ll spend this Mother’s Day without their children.

It’s the heartbreaking reality for a lot of women working on their recovery. And usually one of the worst parts of being a mother trapped in addiction. 

But you can give a mother who’s struggling with addiction a chance to be reunited with her children.

With your generous support and God’s love and grace, women can find the strength to beat addiction and get sober.

For $45, $90, or even $125, you can help give a mother the resources she needs to fight addiction and be reunited with her children again. 

Not only that, your gift will serve as a beautiful way to honour the mothers and mother figures in your own life!

Your kindness can help bring healing and freedom for those women who are working so hard on their recovery journey, so they can be the mothers they want to be. The mothers they know their children deserve.

A beautiful gift for our students approaching Mother’s Day with a heavy heart—wondering how their children are doing and when they’ll be reunited.

Will you consider helping today?

Thank you! May God bless the mothers and mother figures in your life this Mother’s Day.