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This Easter, many people are struggling with addiction right here in your own community

Your kind gift today can provide everything needed for someone’s first day of recovery

Right now, so many Canadians are struggling with addiction.

And many of them are right here, in your very own community. Maybe even a few doors down!

This spring, your neighbours will come to our doors desperately looking for help to start their recovery journey. Your generosity can be there to greet them when they arrive.

Will you consider coming alongside individuals dealing with addiction and helping them start their recovery journey? 

For just $8.89—less than two lattes—you can provide the essentials they need in those critical first few hours…

…The hours that determine if they stay, or if they go. 

…like hearty and healthy food, toiletries, and compassionate, judgment-free support.

Your compassionate gift can provide things like hearty and healthy food, toiletries, and compassionate, judgment-free support. 

But it will also provide something far greater: the knowledge that there’s a community of people in our students’ corner, cheering them on. 

And sometimes, that makes all the difference. 

If you’re able to—and would like to—help this Easter, know that your gift will get to work right away supporting your neighbours struggling with addiction…

…And easing the burdens of their family members.

Thank you, and God bless you!

  • $8.89 provides first-hour essentials like food, toiletries and support for one person
  • $17.78 provides first-hour essentials for two people
  • $26.67 provides first-hour essentials for three people
  • $53.34 provides first-hour essentials for six people