Program Director

Position Overview: Serving the Centre Director to provide excellent leadership to the Residential Discipleship Program staff and clients.  This position ensures the program meets all accreditation standards as set forth.

  1. To serve and provide leadership to the Residential Discipleship Program.
    • Create and manage all schedules including program staff, students, events & graduations, chapel, outreaches, work detail etc.
    • Serve the Centre Director and Vocational work therapy programs in meeting budgetary and production goals.
    • Ensure the program curriculums are excellent, relevant and consistent as set out by Centre Director and ATC Accreditation requirements.  Also, ensures each student completes the required course load for graduation.  
    • Hosts all necessary program meetings including weekly program meetings and monthly student evaluation meetings.
    • Works with Admissions to ensure that the hospitality experience for all students and their families is excellent.
    • Ensure that students and staff have a safe and comfortable environment to live and work at.
  2. Serve the Centre Director in training staff, insuring staff training is completed and continued. 
  3. Ensure that all program reporting systems are being used to record student progression.
    • Ensures student progress reports are created and proper records are kept such as intake dates, discharge dates, academic and vocational reports.
  4. Ensure that family relationships are being attended too and developed, family days are being held monthly, and that phase managers are connecting with the student’s families regularly. 
  5. Maintain all accreditation standards as set forth.
  6. Provide spiritual care and coverage to the RDP. 
  7. Serve the Centre Director in managing residential building maintenance, fleet vehicles and general property up keep. 
    • Ensure that all staff and following all provincial building and health codes are being followed. 
    • Manage and update building floor plans and student room assignment plans as things change.


  • Willingness to learn and be teachable
  • Able to be an examples to other staff in daily living
  • Actively demonstrate and maintain excellent working relationships with all program staff and all other departments
  • Strong organizational skills and highly effective communication skills.
  • Strong understanding of the DNA of the Adult & Teen Challenge ministry.
  • Ability to mentor and give advice to staff and leaders as necessary.
  • Understanding of human nature and the physical and spiritual battles that they may face.
  • Ability to diffuse tense situations.
  • Working knowledge and willingness to adapt to web-based programs and reporting.
  • Must be willing to take new assigned training.
  • Class 5 Drivers license
  • Ministry/Pastoral credentials 

To apply please email applications & cover letter to