You can help build Community Offices so people can find freedom from addiction—no matter where they live.

Community Offices are an essential first line of contact for men and women desperate to find freedom from addiction.

Right now, in Brandon Manitoba, construction is halted because of an unexpected wall collapsing.

This was devastating news!

Right now, people who want freedom from addiction have to travel over two hours to Winnipeg to begin their recovery journey.

  • Far too often, and for far too many, the two-hour drive to get help is the difference between getting help or not.
  • Many people who need this help don’t have a car or the money to afford today’s high gas prices.
  • Some are too scared to ask for help.

Help the Community Office in Brandon, and ones just like it around Central Canada, open their doors so people can find freedom from addiction close to home—no matter where they live.

I want to make sure Community Offices, like the one in Brandon, are open and ready to welcome people who are ready to be free from addiction.

Once we have reached our goal, funds raised will go toward the next most urgent need.

Adult & Teen Challenge of Central Canada | 83 Kate Street, Winnipeg MB R3A 1J9 | 1-888-822-9992 Registered Charity No. 14078-4406-RR0001