Teen Challenge Central Canada

Right now, many neighbours in your community are struggling with addiction. And this Christmas, many of them will come to our doors desperately looking for help.

We have the tools and the plan to help them, we just need your compassion to make it work. Your gift of $8.89 can cover the first day of recovery for someone—you can give them their first day of freedom!

Addiction can have a powerful hold on someone. It can break up families. Ruin careers. And sadly, take people away far too soon. 

Thankfully, our long-term recovery programs are truly life changing. Over the years, we have seen hundreds of people walk away completely changed—addiction doesn’t have power in their lives anymore. 

But sometimes the first step is the hardest. That’s where you come in! 

Just $8.89 covers the first day of all the essentials—the care, food, and support—someone needs to start writing a beautiful new chapter of their life.

This Christmas, you can give someone their first day of freedom from addiction.

  • $8.89 will help one person
  • $17.78 will help two people
  • $26.67 will help three people
  • $44.85 will help five people