Brandon Summer Upgrades

Our Brandon Women’s home is in need of a number of upgrades as we continue to move forward in preparing the property for more students, mothers with their children,  child care, farming and fellowship.

  1. Fresh painting and new furniture for the Grad House – $13,500
  2. New lawnmower $4,700
  3. Gravel parking lot & tree removal – $7,500
  4. Upgrades to our main home – $15,000
  5. Child care building needs – $17,000
  6. Community Office $80,000
Total Needed this summer is $157,700.00

If you are able to help with any or all of these projects it would be greatly appreciated


Fresh paint and new furniture for the Grad House on the property. This will allow Graduates that have chosen to stay with us longer (for a SURGE or Successful Living) along with their children a safe place to call home while they build for their futures. 

6 Beds (frames, mattresses, bedding); dining room set; couch, love seat and recliner; basement sectional; downstairs table & chairs for workspace; 2 kids sized play tables; a BBQ and patio set; 2 TV’s; dishes & cookware.



This new addition was needed immediately for us to keep up with the acres of grass we have to cut on a weekly basis. This easy to use machine, with simple instructions makes this lawnmower ideal as it is friendly for all our staff and students to operate. 


After adding a water line to our future child care building last year, we were left with a muddy lot where few staff had gotten stuck this spring. Thanks to some local support from Tasmanian Gravel, we were able to take down a couple trees and make a nice parking lot for our staff. 


As we took a deep look around the house while spring cleaning we have found a number of items that need to be repaired or replaced around the home. These include 2 new stoves, 1 broken TV, replacement of 2 staff computers, some water damaged kitchen cabinets, a broken dishwasher and water damage in the basement that needs repairing. 


As we continue to work with our graduates with children, we would like to build a safe place for them to play and learn while their moms are working. Just steps away from our main house, this building on the property is a perfect space to create a dedicated child care space. A few upgrades to outdoor play equipment and a fence to help keep the little ones  protected and close by would be the first step in this vision coming to life.


We are looking to work with local companies to help develop the basement space of our SuperThrift Store into our Community Office. With this will come a few other needs and projects that we will need your support to help make happen. This will include projects like:
  • Framers
  • Dry wallers,
  • Mudding and taping
  • Painters
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Flooring and Installers
  • Office Desks and Supplies
We will have more on this in the coming weeks as we are waiting on the final drawings and quotes, however, we expect this renovation will be near $80,000 to complete. 
The vision of having a “Community Office” is to provide a range of services and support to those in need. The Community Office approach has proven to be a beneficial first point of contact for anyone dealing with addiction. These offices provide meeting spaces for our Clinical and Pastoral Counselling along with Family and Non-Residential small group support programs. 
As each office develops, the support and relationships that have formed create a new foundation of success for the graduates returning to the community. Ultimately, the Community Office facilitates action in the fight against addiction by supporting and referring people to real, life-changing help — a strategy that serves the whole community as it initiates and helps provide long-term lasting change.
If you or someone you know is interested in helping us with the renovation project please let us know.