Teen Challenge Central Canada

Brandon Spring Upgrades

We are currently renovating a building on our property to allow us to have a childcare so mothers can live with their children on site. We want to provide a secure place for those first steps together. We have a few bunk beds on the way so we can allow mothers in the first year to have the option to bring in their child if/when they are ready. Our passion is to create a loving family atmosphere for all who cross our threshold and allow the love of Christ to forever change their lives. We are thankful for the transformation that happens here.

  1. Child care director, teaching curriculum, crib, change table, ect. ($50,000)
  2. Fence and play equipment for child care ($10,000)
  3. Updating the security cameras ($20,000)
  4. Safer home and sheds for children (doors on sheds, locks, etc.) ($5,000)
  5. Thrift store basement renovations ($80,000)
  6. New chairs and sound system for Freedom Church ($20,000)
Total $185,000
If you are able to help with any or all of these projects it would be greatly appreciated